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A space as creative and bold as the owner, the design was brought to life with the use of a lively color palette with natural materials used throughout.  

A space any traveler would want to experience, the design of the space includes a variety of patterns and textures for those away from home to enjoy. 


A warm color palette and use of wood textures brings a sense of warmth and comfort to this family home. 

Striking and bold defines the design of the project with the calming blue and pops of brass throughout the space. 

A design full of custom pieces and a cool color palette has grounded the design of this loft. 

This design of the space reflected the style of the city with a unique selection and combination of materials and items. 

The lighting for multiple commercial establishments has been designed by Made Again to bring an extra level of creativity and ambiance to the spaces. 

A combination of commercial with residential, this space is inspired by the mixture of industrial and modern design. 

The concept of this residential project was inspired by the client's desire for a stunning yet eco-friendly space that she and her family can enjoy.

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